Our Vision: We are "A People Set Free to Serve Fully"

Our Mission: Bethel CRC exists to encourage people to take their next steps into maturity and service in Christ,

with the help of the Holy Spirit, and for the glory of God the Father. 



  • God-Centered Worship: Our service to God begins with Spirit-filled and heartfelt worship.  Worship is not just about one hour on Sunday, but every hour of our lives. Whatever form the worship takes in those times when we do meet together, it should be filled with a spirit of gratitude and celebration, with an emphasis on God's glory and God's work on our behalf.
  • Loving Service: Our service is expressed in service to the world and neighbors.  Just as Christ came "not to be served, but to serve", so we seek to imitate his humble and loving example.  we continue to seek new ways that we might be of service to others, both individually and as a church.
  • Spirit Empowered Ministry: Our service is expressed in "every member ministry".  Each member is empowered by the Holy Spirit with spiritual abilities and gifts and has a responsibility to use those gifts for the kingdom of God and the glory of Christ.
  • Transforming Community: Our Service takes place in the context of meaningful Biblical community.  When God saves us, he saves us into a community of his design.  We seek to be involved in meaningful and transforming ways in Biblical community through study, fellowship, and mutaul prayer.
  • Hospitable Outreach: Our service seeks to draw others into the community of God's people.  We have received a welcome into God's household and believe that each believer and the church as a whole is called to a welcoming lifestyle, extending teh mercy of God and the invitation of the gospel to all people.
  • Total Discipleship: Our service should be expressed in every stage and every dimension of our lives.  We follow Christ not only in one area of our lives but in all of life. Our service to him does not end at a certain stage of life but continues through the whole of our lives.  We are to continually seek how better to serve our King.


Our Statement Of Faith

We are part of a denomination known as the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Each of these words tells something about who we are:

We call ourselves Christian because we are followers of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus was the Son of God, that he is the center of human history, and that he should be the center of our own lives.

We are called Reformed because we are part of a church that emerged from the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-century Europe.

We are a Church because we believe that God has called us together to be a people who worship and glorify Him in all that we do.

North America tells you where we are located but also tells you that we are connected to other Reformed denominations around the world.

We believe in the five great truths of the Reformation:

Scripture Alone - We believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority for faith and life, and is the inspired and infallible Word of God.


Christ Alone - We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Jesus fully paid the penalty for our sins with his perfect life and his death on the cross, and nothing we can do can add to the work of Christ for us.


Grace Alone - We believe that we can do nothing to make ourselves right with God. Only God deserves credit for our salvation. Through his mercy and grace alone we are made right with God and restored to fellowship with him and with each other.


Faith Alone - We believe that by faith alone we receive the benefits and blessings of Christ's death. We must receive in trust all that he has accomplished for our salvation. Our good works do not earn us salvation; rather they are a grateful response to our salvation.


Glory to God Alone - We believe that we now live to bring glory to God. Both as individuals and as a church, we seek in all that we do to bring honor to the God who made us, redeemed us, and loves us with an everlasting love.

In addition to these five basic truths, our perspective is shaped by three confessions that find their roots in the Reformation.

They are:

1. The Heidelberg Catechism. This document explains and discusses the Apostle's Creed, the sacraments,

the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer

2. The Canons of Dort. This is a defense of what is sometimes known as the "Five Points of Calvinism".

3. The Belgic Confession. This is a defense and explanation of the Reformed understanding of salvation.



Pastor Jeff Brower came to Bethel CRC in 1999. Jeff grew up in southwest Michigan and attended Calvin College, where he met his wife and best friend, Mary. He majored in English literature, intending on being a high school English teacher, but God had other plans. After discerning a call into the ministry, Jeff attended Calvin Theological Seminary, where he graduated in 1996. He served Munster CRC in Munster, Indiana as a Pastor of Youth and Congregational Life before coming to Bethel. In 2010 he graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Pastor Jeff is passionate about preaching God's word, leading new and experienced disciples to take their next steps into ministry and service, and helping the church as a whole to live out it's mission to be salt and light in the city of Waupun. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, connecting with his adult children, Abby, Libby and Ruthie, biking, reading and creative writing. Mary serves as a special education teacher in nearby Beaver Dam. They feel blessed and thankful to be a part of Bethel and invite others to experience the love of Christ in community at this church.


Becky has been working with the kids of Bethel for 8 years and has enjoyed watching each of the kids grow in Christ. Becky enjoys following her kids and husband to various sporting activities throughout the year.


Jayne lives in Waupun, only about a block from church. She has three children.  Noelle and Brenna are in college and Jacob is a Senior at CWC.  In addition to cleaning at Bethel she also cleans several homes and some businesses in the Waupun area.


Derek has been a part of Bethel CRC for 15 years now and he truly enjoys the welcoming atmosphere of this congregation. His vision for Bethel is to help others grow in God's Word through the context of discipleship and small groups. He has a wife and 3 kids that are an important aspect of his life and is thrilled that they are a part of this church!


Cory has been with the church for 2 years and enjoys working with Pastor Jeff as well as seeing her boys enjoy their time with friends and participating in church ministries. She loves to cook and loves art. But most of all she loves spending time with her two boys and husband, being active, going on adventures, and enjoying life together.  


Lisa has been doing the bookkeeping for church for almost 9 years now. she enjoys reading and making "scrap" books on Shutterfly! She also loves spending time with her family. It doesn't matter if they are going up north to go snowmobiling, going out for supper, or staying at home to watch a movie and eat popcorn, any time spent with her husband and kids is what she loves most!



Founded upon the Scriptures.


Showing love to neighbors nearby and far away.


With programs for people of all ages.


We have many community outreach programs. Take a look below and see what your best fit would be.

  • Waupun Food pantry
  • REACH Waupun
  • Community Table
  • Meals on Wheels


"Not being from the area and not having any family nearby is very challenging.  Bethel has made us feel very welcome, we really enjoy Pastor Jeff's sermons. It was such an easy transition at a time when our children were young and we really needed the nursery and Children's Walk-Out Worship.  Our children continue to enjoy Sunday School and now Cadets as well.  Our entire family, enjoys fellowship, has developed relatioships and we are truly enjoying Bethel."

Cory Moreau